fahrradhafen.hamburg, the home port
of any bicycle

Are you thinking about building your own dream bike?
We will assist and support you in doing so.We show you how you can build and service your bike yourself and support you with your bike project(s).

What does this service cost?
It's your decision to donate something in order to pay for our costs - our aim is to have fun.


You want to buy a BULLIT (or other) Cargo Bike but do not know where to receive and assemble it?
We offer you a magic place near the “Hafencity“, the unique new developing site in the port of Hamburg. We are located in a cocoa warehouse, with a lot of space for your cargo bike.

You do not own a workshop or enough space to build such a GREAT bike?
We will receive the huge bike parcel for you and keep an eye on it in our warehouse until the bike building class will take place.


You want to know more details about your bike and want to learn how to service your bike yourself?
We will teach and assist you and give you all the necessary information enabling you to handle and understand your new baby.


You want to share the fun during the assembly process with other bike nerds?
We offer one-day classes with up to 5 participants so we have enough time for every participant’s needs and queries.


Who are we?
We are two guys who are mad about bikes and are looking forward to your bike project.


Women welcome!
As we are both in long time relationships we are aware that it is not only guys like us who get the bike virus!


more information about fahrradhafen.hamburg will follow soon...

check for http://www.bikespresso.net/ to see more about crazy bike stuff